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The Jaffa Tel Aviv

The Jaffa

  • Location: Tel Aviv
  • Hotel Type: Boutique
  • Hotel Style: Contemporary
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Hidden in the backstreets of Jaffa lies the wonderful secret that is The Jaffa hotel. Built in 1879 as a hostel for pilgrims to the holy land, the purpose of the building was expanded to include the “The Saint Louis V Hospital” hospital. Masterfully restored by architect Ramy Gill, the resulting masterpiece created a subtle dialogue between the 19th and 21st century seamlessly blending historical surroundings with contemporary luxury. The interior design was imaginatively created by world renowned designer John Pawson - using a minimalist style, the 120 rooms and suites were fashioned with monochromatic cream and ivory tones, custom furniture, comfortable beds, lavish bathrooms and modern amenities. Although hidden and seemingly small, The Jaffa hotel has an amazing chef restaurant (Don Comillo) that combines Italian and Middle Eastern flavors, an outdoor pool, a well-equipped fitness center and a top of the range spa!