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The Drisco Hotel Tel Aviv

The Drisco Hotel

  • Location: Tel Aviv
  • Hotel Type: Boutique
  • Hotel Style: Classic
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Originally built in 1866 by American settlers in the heart of the American – Germany colony in Tel Aviv, the Jerusalem Hotel was the first luxury hotel to open outside the gates of Jaffa. Declared as “Buildings of Heritage” the hotel closed down in 1940 and remained derelict until it opened in 2019 as “The Drisco Hotel” after a ten year long restoration and renovation. Keeping much of the authentic character, The Drisco Hotel kept the unique architectural heritage, original design and elegant luxury. The rooms are tastefully designed combining contemporary amenities with classic style, creating an air of authentic America, with wooden porches, exquisite patios and old style superior service. Enjoy the culinary delights of The Drisco Hotel, from the famous breakfast and lunch to The George and John chef restaurant serving delicious contemporary Israeli cuisine.