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Mamilla Hotel Jerusalem

Mamilla Hotel

  • Location: Jerusalem
  • Hotel Type: City
  • Hotel Style: Contemporary
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Built during Ottoman times, the bustling Mamilla neighborhood flourished into one of the largest and most colorful commercial districts outside the Old City. Today this neighborhood has been transformed by respected architect, Moshe Safdie into the Mamilla Hotel and Mamilla Mall complex, whose vibrant promenade leads directly to the Jaffa Gate and the Old City of Jerusalem. Echoing the architecture of classical Jerusalem, renowned designer Pierro Lissoni, used a vibrant mix of styles and materials to create unique luxury rooms and suites that incorporate luxurious contracts: stone vs silk, handmade vs high tech, brushed oak vs raw concrete. Using fresh and diverse ingredients, with a large dose of imagination and flair, the various culinary establishments in the Mamilla Hotel will thrill diners with their gourmet temptations and delicious creations.