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Herods Vitalis Eilat

Herods Vitalis

  • Location: Eilat
  • Hotel Type: Resort
  • Hotel Style: Classic
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Focused on well-being and subtle romance, The Herods Vitalis Eilat hotel only has 53 private rooms and suites, offering exclusive facilities, spacious accommodations and 5-star VIP service. The unmatched spa facilities are what set this hotel apart from the rest, the recently renovated spa offers over 60 treatments, pampering guest and ensuring a refreshed body and mind throughout their entire stay. The elegant, stylish and sophisticated ambience of the rooms will provide guests with a never ending array of relaxation opportunities – especially the newly appointed ‘Rain Suites’ offer an amazing level of luxury accommodation, featuring a spacious Jacuzzi, a double ‘rain’ shower embellished with aromatic eucalyptus trees and mesmerizing views if the Red Sea or the Gulf of Aqaba. Conveniently located next to a pristine sandy beach, guests of The Herods Vitalis Eilat can either enjoy a swim in the refreshing swimming pool or indulge their senses in the Red Sea and participate in the many watersports available on site.