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The Dunloe Killarney

The Dunloe

  • Location: Killarney
  • Hotel Type: Estate
  • Hotel Style: Modern Classic
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One of the leading 5-star luxury hotels in Ireland, the Dunloe Hotel & Gardens is a top choice for the travelers that wish to enjoy the lavish amenities of such a property while spending time with their family. Set in a picturesque setting of endless fields and forests, this 64-acre estate includes a 12th century castle and part of River Laune, as well as a golf course and horse stables. Focusing on the needs of its guests, the Dunloe Hotel & Gardens offers a number of leisure activities that will satisfy both the adults and the children; relax in the sauna or the steam room, take your kids on a horse riding tour, or enjoy a game of tennis! The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens is a truly luxurious 5-star hotel that awaits to host you and assure you of its personalized services in a magnificent location.