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Muckross Park Hotel Cloisters Spa Killarney

Muckross Park Hotel Cloisters Spa

  • Location: Killarney
  • Hotel Type: Estate
  • Hotel Style: Classic
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The first hotel to be built and operate in the Killarney area, the Muckross Park Hotel almost two centuries of life in one form or another. Initially it operated as a hunting lodge and when it was turned into a hotel it was named “Herbert Arms”. Through the time the Muckross Park Hotel undergone many changes and renovations in order to take its current state that has made it famous. Luxurious and spacious rooms, elegant decoration with hand-picked furniture and an award-winning spa are just a few of the things that Muckross Park Hotel has to offer to its guest. It is no surprise that many celebrities, like George Bernard Shaw, have chosen this beautiful in a breathtaking setting for their holidays.