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Maryborough Hotel & Spa Cork

Maryborough Hotel & Spa

  • Location: Cork
  • Hotel Type: Estate
  • Hotel Style: Classic
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Nestled amidst 300 year old woods, the Maryborough hotel is a luxurious estate that encompasses a large piece of fertile land in the suburb of Douglas. The parts of the hotel that belong to the original building retain a distinct country house vibe complete with opulent furnishings, intricate stuccoed ceilings, and marble fireplaces. By contrast, the modern extension of the hotel are characterized by modern, high-end design featuring a black, cream and gold color palette. The hotels rooms have a vibrant cream and purple color scheme while the executive suites also offer hot tubs. Afternoon tea at the hotel’s designated tea area comes with its own dedicated butler while the stylish Bellini’s restaurant offers a variety of culinary creations with a focus on local and seasonal options. Take in the unspoiled beauty of rural Ireland without forgoing modern luxuries at the Maryborough Hotel.