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Avli Lounge Apartments Rethymno

Avli Lounge Apartments

  • Location: Rethymno
  • Hotel Type: Boutique
  • Hotel Style: Island Authentic
  • Average Rating: 9.8/10   What's This?
  • Customer Responses:  197   What's This?


Located in the picturesque old town of Rethymno, the Avli Lounge Apartments is a truly authentic jewel that combines traditional charm with modern comforts. With just seven suites - each uniquely designed but all true to their 16th century roots - this intimate family-run boutique is an ideal place to experience the open-handed hospitality of Crete and to immerse yourself in the island’s unique culture. Famous for its mouth-watering delicacies, the boutique’s kitchen will surely excite your taste buds with a fusion of Cretan and Mediterranean-inspired gastronomy, while a selection of more than 400 wines are sure to satisfy any palate. With heaps of local character and offering easy access to the quaint streets of Rethymno and the nearby beach, the Avli Lounge Apartments is your key to an unforgettable Cretan holiday.