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Le Pigonnet Aix-en-Provence

Le Pigonnet

  • Location: Aix-en-Provence
  • Hotel Type: Boutique
  • Hotel Style: Classic
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Starting out in 1924, this historic property is conveniently located in a residential area, away from crowded sites, but still just a short walk away from the historic center of Aix-En-Provence. Le Pigonnet has been proudly standing there for almost a century and has continuously catered to its guests by providing them with outstanding customer service throughout its long history. Each room is uniquely decorated with some featuring traditional Provencal décor, while others follow a delightfully contemporary approach. The property’s luring gardens are an absolute showstopper as they feature untamed vegetation, majestic fountains, and aromatic herbs, as well as pergolas to relax under. Discover the exquisite outdoor pool within the gardens and sink into a tranquil world. When staying here, make sure to enjoy a mouthwatering dining experience at the property’s charming terrace restaurant that serves traditional French dishes created by using seasonal, local products.