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Hotel Lancaster Paris

Hotel Lancaster

  • Location: Paris
  • Hotel Type: Boutique
  • Hotel Style: Classic
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Situated just a breath away from Champs Elysees, Hotel Lancaster is a veritable gem in the Parisian hospitality scene. A hotel in operation for nearly one hundred years, it tirelessly pampers its guests with luxury and stellar standards of service. Hotel Lancaster has 45 rooms and 11 suites all decorated with care and radiate with an unmistakable Parisian ambience that will certainly make your stay unforgettable. All rooms are spacious and bright and the hotel’s location itself makes for a private and relaxed stay away from the hustle and bustle while at the same time being near the city’s most significant landmarks. Light meals and breakfast are served at the hotel’s Monsieur restaurant while expertly made cocktail can be enjoyed at the in-house bar.