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The Pucić Palace Dubrovnik

The Pucić Palace

  • Location: Dubrovnik
  • Hotel Type: Boutique
  • Hotel Style: Classic
  • Average Rating: 10/10   What's This?
  • Customer Responses:  1   What's This?


The luxurious Pucić Palace is a boutique hotel housed in a beautiful 17th century Baroque estate located on Gundulic Square of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. Surrounded by atmospheric stone built churches and medieval buildings, it constitutes an ideal option for travelers who wish to experience the historic feeling of Croatia’s capital of culture. Featuring 17 rooms and 2 suites, the hotel is characterized by an air of exclusivity and intimacy. The estate’s medieval character is evident throughout its architecture, from its impressive stone built facade to the preservation of its historical stairs and the use of traditional methods and materials in the construction of its olive wooed parquet floors and stone walls. Equipped with all the modern amenities, the Pucić Palace is a discrete haven of comfort and luxury in the heart of Dubrovnik’s historic center.