Top Wine Experiences In Greece

September 14, 2018
Fall is the perfect time to journey through the sunny Greek islands, get acquainted with the local culture and traditions, visit fascinating ancient monuments, taste authentic Mediterranean cuisine, and enjoy some of the finest wine experiences in Europe. The homeland of Dionysus, Greek god of wine, welcomes you to its magical vineyards whose history is as old as the country itself. Experience the sweet and supple wines of Crete, the aromatic wines of the Peloponnese, the unique wine varieties of Santorini, and the art of winemaking under the Greek sun!

Sample Fruity Reds Of Nemea In The Peloponnese 
Nemea is an ancient land where the legendary Agiorgitiko wine variety was born. Explore the region’s vineyards and renowned wineries, learn about the indigenous grape varieties and how the tradition of wine-making has been passed down from generation to generation. Escape the city of Athens and enjoy a glass of fine wine amid the sprouting Nemean landscape, just over an hour outside of Athens. Professional sommeliers will guide you through the unique viniculture traditions and local wines. Having met passionate local wine producers and tasted some of the best wines in Greece, you can relax, relish in the beautiful surroundings, and enjoy a wonderful home cooked meal. 

TrueTrips Wine Activity In The Peloponnese: Nemea Wine Roads 
Visit some of the Peloponnese’s most well-known wineries; explore the vineyards and learn about the various Greek grape varieties and how this region has developed its wine making traditions. Learn about the philosophy behind the wine making process and how modern machinery combined with years of experience creates wines of excellent quality. Enjoy a sampling of premium and finer grade wines led by a professional who will explain the tasting process, as well as provide a brief history of Greek wine. Having learned about the dedicated local wine producers and the ideal Peloponnesian climate you’ll complete your experience with a traditional lunch while relishing in the beautiful natural scenery. 

Taste Memorable Cretan Wines  
Eat and drink like a local Mediterranean in Crete – Greece’s second-largest wine producing region, where ancient winemaking traditions are still very much alive. See the world’s most ancient olive tree, visit a traditional olive mill, and discover how innovation combines with years of tradition to create amazing varieties of extra virgin olive oil! Crete has a long heritage in winemaking and no visit to the island would be complete without a visit to a winery to learn about the unique wine culture and indigenous grape varieties. Mingle with the friendly locals who will most definitely serve you some ‘raki’ the popular Cretan aperitif, refreshing wine, or even a delicious homemade lunch! The attentive way that Crete embraces Greek gastronomy, winemaking, and olive oil production makes it one of the most traditional and authentic Greek destinations. 

TrueTrips Wine Activity In Crete: Authentic Cretan Cooking Lesson 
Crete is famous for its unique and colorful cuisine that comprises of fresh locally grown ingredients and extra virgin olive oil. Head to the Boutari winery – one of the best equipped, state of the art wineries in Europe – here you’ll meet your local hosts and dive straight into your cooking class to learn how to prepare some of the most famous traditional Cretan dishes. While your food is cooking, enjoy a guided tour of the local vineyard and an excellent introduction to Cretan history. Tickle your senses with a tasting of local wines, and then enjoy the delicious dishes that you created during your cooking lesson. This gastronomic experience will surely give you food for thought for when you return home!
Experience Flirty Wines In Santorini
The sun-kissed Greek island of Santorini is famous for its dramatic red and black beaches, narrow white alleys, exquisite restaurants, and unique wine-making traditions. Since ancient times the rich, volcanic soil and distinctive microclimate of Santorini have facilitated the unique local vineyard cultivation and wine production. When you open-up a bottle of Assyrtiko wine you’ll taste the essence of the island, blending perfectly with the scent of the volcanic soil and crisp sea breeze. Wine lovers should absolutely consider visiting this awe-inspiring Greek island to discover both its unique viniculture and breathtaking landscapes! 

TrueTrips Wine Activity in Santorini: Sigalas Santorini Winery Experience 
Explore this distinctive local winery and learn all about the unique way that the vineyards are pruned and harvested, and the local winemaking techniques. After this introduction to the rich wine making traditions of Santorini you’ll take part in a wine tasting where you will sample several local varieties complimented by an assortment of traditional Cycladic appetizers and spoon desserts. 

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