Three Scenic Films that will trigger your Wanderlust

November 30, 2020
They say art imitates life and this is more than true in the case of films that have been shot in beautiful locations and dreamy landscapes. The perfect studio settings are locations across the world which depict breathtaking sceneries and enticing surroundings that stir an irresistible hunger to travel. Here are three of our favorite films that will surely evoke the same passions and inspire your next travel adventure.

Midnight in Paris – Time travel around the eternal beauties of Paris

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This is a quintessential film guide to the City of Light, with brilliant flashbacks in the 1920’s, as Woody Allen’s camera takes us to a virtual tour of Paris, a city whose main landmarks have been untouched by time. Follow Owen Wilson’s romantic walk in the district of Montmartre as he encounters famous intellectuals and artists of the era frequenting the picturesque buildings, or shadow his scenic stroll over the Pont Alexandre III that takes him from the glorified and commercial Champs-Élysées avenue to the imposing Invalides and the pride of Paris; the Eiffel Tower. The city of Paris is not the most visited location in the world by chance. Watch as the characters bask in adoration at the sight of the Pantheon, its Neoclassical architecture inspiring thoughts of ancient Rome, or the scene portraying the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, as its distinguishing white dome looms above Montmartre. As the actors pass by the famous Opera of Paris, the mind travels in the time of kings and emperors visually aided by the pristine baroque architecture.

When our quartet of characters had their hearts’ fill of the sites and allure of the city of Paris, they make their way to the Palace of Versailles, where they soon lose themselves among the famous royal gardens and explore the heart of the palace and its unparalleled décor. The baroque and belle epoque architecture blends perfectly with the refined natural surroundings in an awe-inspiring combination, while the famous Marble Court will evoke a grandeur of an antiquated and incomparably beautiful age.

The Two Faces of January  A suspenseful journey in the romantic past of Greece

This thriller, set in Greece in the 60’s, opens the curtain with the protagonists taking walks through the cobbled streets of Old Athens, losing themselves in alleys and idyllic thoroughfares and gifting us with vintage images that awaken nostalgia. The iconic Hotel Grande Bretagne, where the film’s characters stayed, has been one of the most prestigious hotels of the Greek capital for years; its magnificent architecture and belle epoque decoration are reminiscent of the romantic past of Athens. Watch Viggo Mortensen and Kirsten Dunst as they uncover Athens’ gems, captivated by the grandeur of antiquity, while eventually making their way to the iconic hill of the Acropolis and the ruins of the Ancient Agora.

The film moves on to Crete, one of the most unbelievably beautiful islands in the country. The actors wander around the Old Town of Chania, a place where Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman cultures blend seamlessly in a cultural treasure that has withstood the challenge of time. The film’s camera immortalizes the island’s romantic past with scenic images of the picturesque town districts and the recognizable landmarks, such as the imposing Grand Arsenal and the Kucuk Hasan Mosque that have been proudly decorating Chania for years. Last but not least, the scenes shot in the Palace of Knossos are simply unforgettable. The majesty of the archaeological site combined with the well-preserved ruins of the legendary labyrinth evoke intriguing images and a sense of adventure.

The Talented Mr. Ripley – A seductive travelogue in Italy during the 50's

Embark in a mystical journey to 1950’s Italy as you watch this iconic film shot in various locations across the country. While the island of Mongibello is fictional, the locations where the film was shot are not and will undoubtedly make an excellent guide for those planning a trip to Italy. Who can forget the scenic Ischia Ponte square, where the sea meets the rocks and the picturesque cafes are sprawled, as the imposing Castello Aragonese complex rises from the sea in the background? One of the most vivid sceneries of the film is the nearby islandic town of Corricella, just a short ferry ride away from Ischia, with its cobbled streets and vibrantly colored houses.

Following in Mr. Ripley’s footsteps you will get a glimpse of Rome, the eternal city, and its numerous landmarks portrayed in the film. The scene at one of the many cafes in Piazza Navona will provide you with a sense of the city’s “pulse” as the gorgeous Fountain of the Four Rivers creates the perfect setting. Tom Ripley’s visit to the Capitoline Hill during sunset provokes a feeling of nostalgia as his gaze falls upon the Roman Forum lying below. Watch as Matt Damon and Cate Blanchett descend the baroque 135 stairs of the Spanish Steps, from the monumental Trinità dei Monti church, which proudly commands the top, to the famous Piazza di Spagna. Finally, get a sneak peek of the St. Regis hotel as it luxuriously hosts the film’s protagonist, engulfing him in an atmosphere of elegance and an interesting blend of baroque and modern architecture.