Rules Of Thumb For Tipping In Europe

October 26, 2018
It's very common for first time visitors of Europe to question how much to tip at restaurants and hotels, or when another service is offered. While adding an additional 20% to your bill is customary in the United States and Canada, this rule doesn’t apply in Europe. To make things easier for you, we've collected some useful information so that you know what's what when tipping in Europe. 

Something really important to remember is that a tip is a bonus for outstanding service, and service providers in most cases do not depend on tips as part of their income. So next time you're traveling in Europe and staying in one of our favorite cities like Lisbon, Dubrovnik, Paris, Rome, or Athensthese helpful guidelines will put your tipping worries to rest and ensure you’re offering fair amounts.
General Rules Of Thumb
  • Tipping is a gesture of “thanks” for prompt and attentive service. 
  • You are the judge of whether a tip is warranted.
  • Always tip in cash to guarantee the person who served you gets the bonus.  
  • Skip the tip if you’re not satisfied with the service provided, it is perfectly acceptable. 
  • When in doubt, tip 10%, it is considered a fair amount.

What To Tip At Restaurants & Bars In Europe
Always check your bill and if there is a service charge included, then no additional tip is necessary. It is typical to leave a tip of 10% in cash in most European countries, so remember to have some cash with you.  

How To Tip At Hotels
For bellhops, it’s customary to offer  €1-2 per bag while, concierges who attend to special requests can receive anywhere from €10-20. For hotel housekeeping, tipping a few Euros at the end of your stay is appreciated, but not expected.  

Tipping Taxi Drivers & Transfer Services
Taxi drivers do not anticipate tips though rounding up your bill is usually standard. For transfer services, a suggested tip for a one-way ride can range from €5-10. A fair amount for longer transfers (between 2-3 hours) typically ranges between €10-20. For multi–day transfers a fair amount for the driver is €20 per day.  

What To Tip Tour Guides & Experience Hosts
It is common courtesy to tip your tour guide, experience host, and driver a few Euros, as a token of your appreciation. For a private tour a reasonable amount to tip your guide is anywhere between €40-50 for a half day tour and €50–80 for a full day tour.    

Tipping On A Sailing Cruise & Private Boat Charters
At the conclusion of the excursion or sailing trip, it is customary for guests to leave the crew a gratuity based on their satisfaction of the service offered. Efficient crews will not make it obvious how hard they work to take care of your every need, but they do work very hard, often from sunrise until the late hours. An average tip for a half day cruise is €15, for a full day cruise €30, and for a multi-day cruise the amount ranges between €50-100 for the entire crew. 

Next time you are in doubt about tipping in Europe, follow these simple guidelines to avoid causing offense or spending needlessly during your holiday in Europe.