Our 7 Favorite Traditional European Foods

March 23, 2018
Apart from its fascinating destinations, incredible landscapes, and magnificent history, Europe is also home to some of the tastiest and most interesting food in the world! Broaden your palate and try some of the most delicious traditional dishes you’ve ever had. These dishes from 7 different European countries will tickle your taste buds and prepare you for your next culinary adventure!

1. Favorite Traditional Greek Food: Moussaka 

Where To Try This: Athens, Greece 
What's In It: This delicious oven-baked dish is a combination of fried sliced eggplant, layered with tomato and minced meat sauce, flavored with onion, garlic and cinnamon, and then topped with a layer of incredible béchamel sauce and grated cheese.

2. Favorite Traditional Croatian Food: Peka 

Where To Try ThisKorcula, Croatia
What's In It: Lamb, veal, or octopus combined with a medley of colorful vegetables and then cooked in an open fireplace.

3. Favorite Traditional French Food: Escargots 

Where To Try ThisParis, France
What's In It: A mouthwatering French delicacy of specially bred land snails cooked in a garlic, butter, parsley and wine sauce.

4. Favorite Traditional Italian Food: Spaghetti Carbonara 

Where To Try ThisRome, Italy
What's In It: A traditional pasta dish prepared with eggs, diced pancetta and parmesan cheese, topped with freshly ground black pepper.

5. Favorite Traditional Maltese Food: Bragioli

Where To Try ThisValletta, Malta
What's In It: A traditional Maltese dish made of thin slices of beef wrapped around ground beef and stewed in a delicious sauce.

6. Favorite Traditional Portuguese Food: Caldo Verde

Where To Try ThisLisbon, Portugal
What's In It: A simple yet delicious warm soup made only with potatoes, sausages, kale and garlic.

7. Favorite Traditional Spanish Food: Paella

Where To Try ThisBarcelona, Spain
What's In It: A traditional rice dish with chicken and seafood, cooked with vegetables, olive oil, saffron, and spices.