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The Westin Excelsior Rome Spanish Steps

The Westin Excelsior Rome

  • Location: Spanish Steps
  • Hotel Type: City
  • Hotel Style: Classic
  • Average Rating: 9.1/10   What's This?
  • Customer Responses:  20   What's This?


Speaking of Rome, instantly your mind travels to the Colosseum, Julius Caesar and the glorious past of the Italian capital. Nevertheless, the city has grown a lot since then and so has its history. Since 1906, the luxurious Westin Excelsior Rome writes its own history in Rome, welcoming celebrities, statesmen and artists throughout the years and becoming their home in the Eternal city. Its close distance to the Spanish Steps and the Villa Borghese Gardens & Gallery, as well as Via Veneto make this legendary hotel one of the best choices for travelers who want to explore Rome. Plunge into a world of elegance and luxury by staying in one of the 300 rooms and suites of this lavish hotel. For those who wish to experience a truly luxurious stay, the unparalleled Villa La Cupola suite combines amazing views of the city and a world of elegance on more than 1000 square meters.

The Vibe

A historic property that exudes a luxurious old-world charm and elegance. It is, by all means, a grand hotel that will not disappoint even the most seasoned traveler.

The Highlight

The “Villa La Cupola”, the largest and possibly the most lavish suite in Italy that occupies the landmark imposing dome at the top of this magnificent palace.

The TrueTrips Tip

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a signature cocktail at the Cafe Donley that extends along Via Veneto. It is the perfect place to see and be seen amongst the city’s elite.