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Algila Ortigia Charme Hotel Sicily

Algila Ortigia Charme Hotel

  • Location: Sicily
  • Hotel Type: Boutique
  • Hotel Style: Island Authentic
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Located on the once coveted “Mastra Rua” – a 14th century ancient street, where all the important noblemen of the time had their homes, the Algila Ortigia Charme Hotel maintains its eloquent stature offering refined luxury intertwined with rich history! Using both old and new materials traditionally fashioned, the building was lovingly restored by architect Manuel Giliberti. The rooms are meticulously furnished with antique furniture, authentic ceramics painted with vivid Sicilian designs and patterns and warm Mediterranean colors. The modern touches and technology in each room are carefully placed or hidden to maintain the authentic Sicilian atmosphere and charm. The Algila Ortigia Charme Hotel is a true Sicilian gem hidden in plain sight.