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Palazzo Margherita Basilicata

Palazzo Margherita

  • Location: Basilicata
  • Hotel Type: Boutique
  • Hotel Style: Contemporary/Authentic
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A living myth, Palazzo Margherita is a 19th century palace restored into a small, sophisticated boutique by the famous director Francis Ford Coppola. His dream was to highlight his grandfather’s hometown and he indeed fulfilled it by creating a small paradise on earth in southern, coastal Italy. The Palazzo is home to stellar, private gardens and is located in the centre of the small hilltop town of Bernalda, while nearby the guests can explore historically significant hidden treasures, such as the Sassi of Matera – a UNESCO World heritage site. Guests of Palazzo experience a luring touch of elegance and glamour in the stunning suites and enchanting garden rooms while the in-room massage treatments offer the chance to sink into a limbo of tranquility. Dining at the Palazzo Margherita is delightfully personalized as its guests can enjoy traditional Italian cuisine with the insightful guidance of experts at the Eat-In Kitchen. Enjoying a meal by the pool or in the private gardens, is also a must. All the bars within the property, and especially the charming pool bar, are perfect to enjoy a tempting cocktail along with delicious appetizers, while the salon-screening room can be transformed into a cinema that features movie lists, designed by Coppola himself.