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Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
This is one of the most significant museums in northern Greece and one of the largest in the entire country. It showcases a large collection of unique artifacts dating from prehistory to late antiquity that were found in Thessaloniki and its surrounding areas.
Location: 6 Manoli Andronikou, Thessaloniki 546 21
Museum of Byzantine Culture
Dedicated to the history of Byzantine culture and its influence on Macedonia over the ages, the exhibits are thematically designed to convey the social and chronological context that the findings belong to.
Location: 2 Stratou Ave, Thessaloniki 546 40
The White Tower
Dating back to the 15th century it was named “The White Tower” after getting its signature white coating in 1891. Make your way to the top to enjoy the amazing views and visit the museum dedicated to the history of the city and the tower itself.
Location: Thessaloniki 546 21
Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art
A collection of paintings, sculptures, engravings and photographs by local and foreign artists. The museum also hosts art-related events such as discussions on aesthetics, interactive projects, and bazaars.
Location: 154 Egnatia, (inside TIFF-HELEXPO) Thessaloniki 54636
Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation
Housed in a modern building on the premises of the Aristotle University, the foundation houses artworks by Greek and European artists of the 19th and 20th century. Its collection includes sculptures, paintings, and a library containing more than 15,000 books.
Location: 159A Agiou Dimitriou, Thessaloniki 546 36
The Church of Agios Dimitrios
This church is an excellent example of 7th century religious architecture and is famous for 6 mosaic panels of tremendous cultural importance. The church’s underground crypt, where Saint Dimitrios was allegedly imprisoned, has been converted into a museum.
Location: 83 Agiou Dimitriou, Thessaloniki 546 33
Bey Hamam
Known as the “Baths of Paradise”, Bey Hamam was built by Sultan Murad II in 1444. It is the largest and most important hamam in Greece and its interior is a testament to Ottoman style that has hugely influenced Thessaloniki’s identity.
Location: Egnatia & 10 M. Gennadiou, Thessaloniki 546 31
The Galerian Complex
A grand palatial complex in the center of Thessaloniki built at the behest of the Caesar Galerius Valerianus Maximianus. Visit the restored segments such as the emblematic Rotunda and the Arch of Galerius to fully comprehend the city’s Roman history.
Location: 36 Dimitriou Gounari, Thessaloniki 546 21
The Roman Forum
Also referred to as the Ancient Agora, this large open space and the buildings that surrounded it was the social, religious, and administrative center of the city. Follow the passages to discover the forum’s underground museum.
Location: 75 Olympou, Thessaloniki 546 31
Gerovassiliou Wine Museum
This museum is dedicated to the art and history of winemaking and its significance to human lives. The museum is located in the Gerovassiliou estate and its exhibits include winemaking tools and utensils, and an impressive collection of 2,600 corkscrews.
Location: Ktima Gerovassiliou, Epanomi 575 00
Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki
A museum dedicated to the history and influence of the Jewish community in Thessaloniki as well as the preservation of its tangible and cultural heritage. It houses a diverse collection of items including family heirlooms, rare documents, and religious artifacts.
Location: 11 Agiou Mina, Thessaloniki 546 24
Thessaloniki Museum of Photography
The Thessaloniki Museum of Photography is the only museum dedicated to the art of photography in Greece. Explore its interesting photographic collection located on the First Pier of the Port of Thessaloniki.
Location: Warehouse A’, Thessaloniki Port, Thessaloniki 546 25