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Pallas Athena Monastiraki

Pallas Athena

  • Location: Monastiraki
  • Hotel Type: City
  • Hotel Style: Design
  • Average Rating: 9.1/10   What's This?
  • Customer Responses:  33   What's This?


Pallas Athena is a stylishly decorated hotel in the heart of Athens. With the most important landmarks and best restaurants in close proximity, it’s the perfect storming point for your Athens adventure. Featuring spacious rooms and suites meticulously decorated with art pieces in a pop art setting, this hotel is bound to satisfy your creative side and excite your senses. Sample creative Mediterranean dishes at the hotel’s in-house restaurant from its porch overlooking Kotzia Square or enjoy a leisurely drink at the lounge bar after a long day out in Athens. If you’re looking for a hip, luxurious and comfortable hotel to host you during your time in the Greek capital, the Pallas Athena is the venue for you.